Paper Caper Crafting

Boldly exploring the world of paper crafting!


Thank you for visiting Paper Caper Crafting! My name is Nicole and this blog is essentially my journal of exploration into the world of card-making and more. I hope you’ll join me in my crafting adventures!

Why the name Paper Caper Crafting? When I think of capers, I think of fun, lively (and maybe a bit silly) adventures and exploration. That is exactly my approach to paper crafting as I get more into this fun hobby. I’m not too worried with rules or perfection – it’s all about creation and the creativity that can come out of it!

My history with paper crafting: The main reason I got into paper crafting is my mom. She would bring me along to make-n-takes at paper crafting stores as a young girl and we still enjoy mother-daughter time going to crafting events. I’m now in my twenties, have recently accumulated my own supply stash, and am excited to do more paper crafting! While I enjoy scrapbooking, (my first big project was a scrapbook of a family cruise I made when I was fifteen), my main interest is card-making. I love that card-making is both an artistic outlet for me and a way to show others that I am thinking about them.  I’d also like to explore other aspects of paper crafting, including 3D projects. To me, crafting time is a blast whether I’m doing it alone or with others. And I hope my projects inspire you to get into your own stash and have some fun!

So join in with my paper capers and let’s get crafting!

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